Folding ceilings are one of the most durable and durable options. With our roofs you will be able to perfect your terrace, patio, porch, garden, local, etc. and thus be able to get and take advantage of your space all year round.

Characteristics of folding ceilings

The opening of these roofs can be manual or motorized. The purpose of these folding ceilings is to integrate the enclosure without breaking the aesthetics.
The folding roof is one of the products we have developed to give a wider and more varied service, adapted to the needs and tastes of our customers.techo-plegable
This system is very easy and comfortable to operate. The ceiling design has several options such as two, three or four opening rails, allowing you to customize each place as much as possible.
Aluminium profiles are usually common for all combinations, as this way it is possible to replace the damaged panels, renovate the terrace environment or transform the folding roof manually to motorized or vice versa without having to change the entire system.
This folding roof system is rugged, economical and safe, and combines perfectly with other systems such as folding doors, sliding doors or glass curtains.
It is the perfect complement for any terrace, private or commercial, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor space without being affected by the weather.
On the other hand, it is a perfect system for putting in pools or gazebos.
Maintenance of folding ceilings is minimal as all materials are tough and durable.

Advantages of folding roofs

Greater contribution of light. It is amazing to see how many spaces you can recover, protect and condition regardless of weather conditions to enjoy that space all year round.
Perfect system designed to create open environments that provide more light and naturalness.
Unique benefits, since folding ceilings are an innovation in the glazing market, they offer an exclusive anti-stacking water system, manual or motorized opening drive, possibility of intelligent sensors, etc.
Do not hesitate to visit us and see the wonderful advantages and comforts that our glazing provides.